Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visit to the Bonsai Nursery

I went out to Bonsai West to take some bad photos of their stock bonsai plants and pick up some more items for the terrariums. I can't say enough good things about this place.

They're a specialized bonsai nursery, and the staff has never been anything but friendly. It's spectacular to go there during the spring and summer when all of the greenhouses are open and the bonsai are out in the garden, but a fun trip even in the winter. The greenhouses are nice and warm, and filled with tropical/indoor bonsai.

I didn't end up finding a number of the plants I was looking for, but came away with a few things- a white rabbit's foot fern (that did not go into a terrarium), a strawberry begonia, a plant labeled senecio that is definitely not a senecio, but some sort of succulent, a rabbit's foot fern, a brush cherry, and a dwarf orange myrtle.

Stock plants-- rabbit's foot ferns.

More stock plants-- some jade on the bottom, palms on the upper left, and ficus on the upper right. Doesn't do their greenhouses justice.

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