Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Finished Terrarium

Because I'm just that great, and was in such a horrible rush to get these assembled, of the five terrariums I made, I remembered to of them. At least it was the largest and the most interesting.

This is a tall apothecary jar with a lid. I layered activated charcoal, gravel, and high-drainage soil in the jar. The tree is a brush cherry, an indoor tree that can tolerate less than full sunlight. Since I bought it as bonsai stock, I had to remove it from its container, loosen the old soil from the roots, and trim the branches and leaves. Once that was complete, in it went!

On the right side of the jar you can see a strawberry begonia, a recommended plant for terrariums.

I admit, it's not the nicest thing to give an experiment to someone as a gift, but I have high hopes for this one, and it went to a family member that adores plants. The instructions that went along with it included leaving the lid off the jar during the day so that no mold develops. Hopefully that will help to keep the tree looking good.
It belongs to a family member that I visit often, so I should be able to keep track of it and give it any treatment I needs if this doesn't work out.

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