Thursday, December 27, 2012

Terrariums in progress...

In typical fashion, I procrastinated and found myself scrambling to finish the terrariums the night before they needed to be packed up for holiday travel.

I was running around trying to find something interesting. I tried all of the local craft stores and didn't like the quality for larger glass. I did pick up the three cubish containers at Michael's. I had hoped to use vintage glass, but struck out at the local thrift and antique stores. That doesn't come as a huge surprise, I can't be the only one using vintage glass for Christmas.

It was surprising to find what I was looking for at TJ Maxx, of all places. I was there with a friend looking for some other things and found some fantastic jars well suited to terrarium building, with the look I wanted. Hooray!

Largest of the jars. Currently has a layer of activated charcoal, a layer of gravel, and a layer of Bonsai West's bonsai soil.

The other four jars. One tall rectangle, two cubes, and a small apothecary jar.

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